Kinship and family structures are a significant part of ritual. Yolnu elder Djambawa Marawili from Arnhem Land in the NT explains how funerals strengthen family ties and relationships:


“It is really very important that the kinship structures are laid on, the patterns and designs are all there, we always use them, the stories beyond this country we always share to the children and also to tell the other groups that are coming to join with us, our neighbours, yothu yindi [Yolngu for “child and mother”] or märi gutharra [“grandmother and grandchild”] they are “title-y” connected. That’s why they always learn when we have närra thing [important ceremony] or when we have death, that’s when we get together. And it goes along, it’s telling us that we are really “title-y” connected like in a märi/gutharra yothu/yindi.”